How to Find the Right SEO Company



Hiring the right SEO firm will either make or break your company. I know many of you have heard this all before. The truth is, over 60% of people out there will disregard all the information after 20 minutes. This is why I am here. I’m here to help remind you of some very important points. With Managed Admin, you can get the best quality SEO services.

These points involve questions you should be asking the firm or individual consultant you are looking to hire. You will know which direction to go, based on who these questions get answered.

  • How can you improve my rankings? This is one of the questions which should be at the top of the list. If the person or firm is good one, they will know how to answer this question. They will give you an answer which is not just simple, but is rooted in its complexity. See how they answer the question. If the person seems like they are avoiding having to answer you completely and professionally, then it’s time to show them the door.
  • How will the person or firm keep you updated as to the changes being made? This is a very straight-forward question. It requires a very straightforward answer. If the person can’t do this for you, then leave them behind. You don’t want someone who will lie to you or keep you in the dark. It’s best to show them the door, before they have the chance to do either. They won’t really care.SEO firms like this just look for someone else, someone they can take advantage of.
  • Can you share some of your past results and names of clients? This question is a no-brainer. It’s either a yes or no response. If they can’t, then you don’t need to waste your time hiring them.
  • Do you follow the standard practices of Google? Have you ever gotten blocked and/or charged for violating some of these rules? These are all pretty self-explanatory. You need to hire someone who has not violated anything. If they have violated something, it’s up to you to find out the Where, Why, What and How.
  • Which tools do you normally use? Some tools are going to be better than others. Some tool will come for free. Some will cost some money. It’s best to hire someone who likes to use the same things you like to do. This way there won’t be an issues or conflicts within the office.
  • What types of SEO work do you like to do? What types of work will you do? What types of are your trained and skilled for? Now, some people might answer the same for all of these. Others might have some varied responses. It all depends on who you speak with. It’s better if you work with someone who is skilled in almost everything having to do with SEO. This way the problem can be fixed, regardless of the skills set.
  • Can you guarantee that my site will come in at number 1? Now, let me be the first to tell you, no one can give you any sort of guarantees. The person or company should at least give you something to hold to. If the person can’t, then they can’t be trusted to do the job.
  • How often will you report to me about your work? How often will you give updates on how your work is going? Now, no one likes to work under a micro-managed microscope. It’s not fair to put them in this situation. The person should at least give you updates and feedback every so often. It should be happening at least once a day or two. Now, if the person is not doing this or says they can’t work like this, then you need to be looking for someone who can. The person you hire needs to be accountable to you and for you. Expect the best and you will get the best!
  • What is the payment plan going to be like? You have to consider this. It needs to be factored into your budget. Find out how much you will owe the person or firm for their services and when. The person wants to get paid on time and they will expect it. If you want them to hold up their end of the bargain, you need to hold up yours!